RMT Cancer Network


Not for a Cure, but for the care of the current fighters

RMT Cancer Network


Not for a Cure, but for the care of the current fighters

50 state Tour

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We accept paypal through this site. It is a 100% secure. We also accept cashapp, cash, and check. Please see our admin for address to send other payment forms.

We offer a range of services. Your donations cover our overhead expenses as well as financial resources and emergency funds for fighters. This can include health items,medication,travel, hair, and a host of other resources.

We have plenty of singular campaigns and events to support such as the 50 state tour, ministry component, or gifting wigs, meals, or comfort items to fighters. If seeking to donate to something specific reach out to us on the contact page for more details.

Although the founder is ordained the organization is not religious based. We serve all faiths, belief systems, and wishes of those we service. We provide referrals and prayers of comfort when asked. However, donations do not go towards any religious sect or services.

Where It Goes

Your donations go towards the servicing of those who reach out to us. We do not charge anyone for the services we provide. Our goal is to not add stress to already on edge people. The founder travels to people’s homes and offer in person support, organizes drives, and works tirelessly as an advocate where the person is located.

If a fighter in 500 miles away RMT will be there to help. However, our ability to impact others is rooted in financial security. Your donations allow us to reach more, teach more, and fight more!

A Step Further

Health and Wellness is crucial to a fighter’s regime. Much like a world boxing champion diet and exercise is crucial to the fight. So we have a specific campaigns we are launching that are near and dear to us.
Donate a healthy meal to a fighter. Buy donating here we will deliver to their home a nutrition rich meal that tastes great. We will do this through restaurant ordering platforms. What is a better way to spend $20 than to help someone else.


G. Newman

A Fighter's Family

I would like to send a thanks to Miss Barbara for her support and assistance in finding care for my late Uncle. My late Uncle H.J. Rainford a Jamaica national, who was suffering from Cancer. His status in the US gave us great difficulty in financing his care. The expense of chemotherapy can leave the richest man destitute. My family went into hardship, attempting to maintain his care. Along came Miss Barbara and she took a serious interest in assisting us. The word “no”, is not in her vocabulary. Her persistence helped us achieve some free chemo treatments. My uncle life was elongated and his quality of life was enhanced. My Uncle lived long enough to accomplish the goals he set for himself. I believe a good part of him is resting in peace is due to Miss. Barbara."​
I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my children.  The calls and the text I’m so grateful for you, and may God continue to bless you and I love you!  Thank you for the connection to allow me and my family to receive healthy foods from Central Market.

Lauderhill, Fl

A Mom & A Fighter

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