Barbara Edwards

RMT Cancer Network

Preparing people mentally, physically, and spirtually for the fight of a lifetime

Barbara Edwards

RMT Cancer Network

Preparing people mentally, physically, and spirtually for the fight of a lifetime

The Inspiration

After being diagnosed with early-stage Triple Negative Breast Cancer in April 2013, Barbara Turknett Edwards underwent 2 surgeries, 11 chemotherapy treatments, and 33 radiation treatments. Ms. Turknett Edwards is proud to say that she is now a 7-year cancer thriver. “A thriver is a happy, self-confident and productive individual who believes that she or he has a prosperous life ahead.” While many afflicted with cancer can find the battle overwhelming, Barbara embraced the journey. She learned from the experience and now spreads her message of hope with others who may be in similar situations.Fast forward RMT has helped countless fighters in their journey to beat this thing called cancer.


You are more than your prognosis. Every person is different, so we customize our service plan for each person. Whether it is financial, mental support, or diet plan we are here! 


The healthcare system can be difficult to navigate. We help you understand and enforce your rights in treatment. Self advocacy can be crucial in the progression of your treatment.

Our services are based in addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of cancer fighters. Some of the services include resource matching. Different cities, and states have various programs; we help you identify them and apply. In addition to that we have wellness coaching, wig supply, and holistic services. From experience we find aligning all three, you can beat this thing called cancer.
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No one is turned away from RMT. We help in every capacity we can. Our services and plans of action is completely customizable to your situation. Give us a call today.

Absolutely not. What resources we don’t have, we seek. There are a wide variety of services and help out there. We help make those connections and aid you through the process. We make a way through the donations, kindness, and liasoning with other organizations so you can focus on the fight, not the costs.

Help goes beyond the dollar. Donations allow us to spread the knowledge and extend more services. However, there is always a need for volunteers. Whether it is support hotline, visits, a meal,or representation at local events we need you. Click the volunteer button on the homepage to start your journey as a RMT volunteer.

Barbara Turnkett Edwards

50 State Tour

The 50 State Mission of Hope tour is a campaign to spread love, cheer, and strength all over the US. We attend local events and gather information to put together resources for cancer fighters in that area. There is a wealth of resources but people don’t necessarily know where to turn.

We seek out fighters to help in every state, as we intend to create a network of fighters to depend on and uplift each other in this journey. By speaking, educating, and servicing people we are able to impact people’s journey in a significant way. See you at our next stop.

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