RMT Cancer Network

About Us

No One cares how much you know, until they find out how much you care
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

RMT Cancer Network

About Us

No One cares how much you know, until they find out how much you care
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Founded in 2017

The Rose M Turknett Cancer Network is a 501(c)3 Organization named for the founder’s late sister who lost her battle. The founder Barbara Turknett Edwards found herself battling cancer as well. With a second chance at life, and a renewed faith she set her eyes on helping others. The mission is to encourage individuals and loved ones of those affected by cancer that they can win this fight. By providing referrals and resources in the areas of education, health, and advocacy we are preparing them to win the battle of a lifetime. 

The People in our Corner

Our Team

One thing we learn quick in these bouts with cancer, is that you need good people in your corner at all times. The people pictured below are not only board members but cheerleaders in my corner every step of the way. They volunteer their time, talent, and effort to ensure this organization can rise to the occasion every time.

Marilyn Turknett Butler

She holds a degree in Business Management and an ordained minister. She has been a Prison Reentry advocate for over 10 years. With her discipline and guidance she is able to keep us organized and on track to meet our goals.

Roshun Onakhinor

She is a master of navigating relationships and bringing people together. Her charisma and charm adds quite a bit to the RMT family. She coordinates community meetings, health fairs, and fund-raising events.

Joseph O. Akharoh Jr.

He holds 4 college and graduate degrees in the discipline of business and psychology. He is the genius behind our marketing strategy. It doesn’t hurt that he is a model-actor and social media influencer.

Our daily mission is to impact a community that sadly grows everyday. We aim to assist cancer patients and survivors so they may live in wellness and quality of life, with a focus on the “now” and less stressful disposition during the cancer journey.RMT uses spiritual and practical avenues to offer hope and inspiration in several areas of a cancer warrior’s life – through prayer, healthy cooking and eating, self-care, physical activity, music therapy, meditation, and art therapy. If we help one person fight we saved a family in need.


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There are a multitude of ways to get involved. Whether it is donating your time at an event, making some blinged out pink gloves, or being there for a fighter when they need it most. Team up with us to be in someone’s corner today!

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