My journey through

Triple Negative

Breast Cancer

My journey through

Triple Negative

Breast Cancer

Hearing the Diagnosis

I have gotten yearly mammograms as a woman of my age are supposed to. However, in 2013 I had to advocate for myself in order to receive an diagnostic mammogram. It was that test that confirmed in april 2013 I had triple negative breast cancer. That phone call came, and for such a chaotic moment I had a sense of peace. The doctor advised me that I would be receiving an appointment for a surgeon right away. This peace was quiet, it was a reassurance that I was ready for whatever came next. I knew God wasn’t finished using me. I never doubted that I wasn’t going to live through this. I was prepared to fight whatever the odds for my purpose on this earth and for my family.


How you think has just as much affect as medicine


Working out and eating gives your body the energy to fight

Ringing the Healed Bell

I am healed and 7 years into my survivorship. We have the power of life and death in our mouth. From diagnosis to now. I never spoke of the what if, only what I knew it would be. I learned a lot in my journey, and watching those around me. First you must advocate for yourself. Understand that as a patient you have a right to have a say so in all treatments and ect. Don’t be fearful to ask the doctors questions.

RMT was started while I was going through treatments, I found out there are many resources people going through cancer have no clue exists. I always found myself encouraging others and assisting them with understanding how and what to do during this time. I met people as I was sitting in the waiting room that needed a kind words,someone to hold their hand and ect. I wanted to share what I learned and used during my treatment that helped me. I didn’t know what my calling would be, but I knew it started with educating others.

After reviewing all my journals and hearing all the stories of those I have shared a step on two on this path, I decided to write a book. I will be sharing more of my journey and giving insight into how I battled and won. I want something for those in the fight who may not hear my voice personally, or get serviced by RMT to read my words and get encouraged and in fighting shape.

Journey In Review

If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But by all means keep on moving.

– Martin L. King Jr.

This disease built a Fighter

Now I WILL TRAIN OTHERs, this is my chapter 2

Cancer Network